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Greenough Classic Footage 1969 September 24 2009

[youtube=] Amidst his wind generators, blue ocean boats, and camera housings, George Greenough had enough energy to revolutionize fin design. A seed of the revolution, the 4-A has a narrow, flexible tip that enhances maneuverability and a flared base for increased stability and drive -- an ideal combination for the point surf George fancied. Check out our selection of George Greenough surf fins.
Greenough 4C Greenough 4A Greenough 4A - red stripe

Bonzer Bamboo Veneer Superlite September 23 2009

bonzer bamboo veneerBonzer Bamboo Veneer 6.5” is all you get In 1970, across the fertile planes of Oxnard, the Cambell brothers invented the unprecedented Bonzer design, and this rear-loading fin, available now in a Bamboo veneer super lite version, was its centerpiece. Make sure to also get the runners that complete the Bonzer configuration.

New Wooden Fins September 18 2009

Wooden Fins by True Ames

A new variety of wooden fins are in stock now. Check out the Bamboo Burl, Bamboo Red Stripe, and the Classic Wood Stripe. See all of the templates ranging from Greenough 4-a to the Heritage and California Classic at

Bonzer Runners- Bamboo Truelite September 18 2009

Bonzer runners Bonzer Runners- Bamboo Truelite front fins: base: 5.31” / 131 mm height: 2.75” / 71 mm back fins: base: 4.75” / 121 mm height: 2.31” / 59 mm These lightweight runners are constructed with True Lite hexcore and real bamboo wood. The result is a high performance super lite set-up. Save 30% on the weight over traditional glass runners.

True Ames Fins September 17 2009

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