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New Wooden Fins September 18 2009

Wooden Fins by True Ames

A new variety of wooden fins are in stock now. Check out the Bamboo Burl, Bamboo Red Stripe, and the Classic Wood Stripe. See all of the templates ranging from Greenough 4-a to the Heritage and California Classic at

Bonzer Runners- Bamboo Truelite September 18 2009

Bonzer runners Bonzer Runners- Bamboo Truelite front fins: base: 5.31” / 131 mm height: 2.75” / 71 mm back fins: base: 4.75” / 121 mm height: 2.31” / 59 mm These lightweight runners are constructed with True Lite hexcore and real bamboo wood. The result is a high performance super lite set-up. Save 30% on the weight over traditional glass runners.

True Ames Fins September 17 2009

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