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Could True Ames Fins Have Saved Eric Geiselman from A Great White Shark Attack??? November 13 2009

Eric Geiselman ( New Symrna Beach, FL )  was surfing in Santa Cruz early November and was hit by a Great White right before dark. His board was snapped in half and a set of True Ames glass ons remained intact.  Good thing he had those hexcore fins in there to take the brunt of the shark’s impact. In the surfline video you can see the cracked glass around the fin and a clean snap on the tail section.   When he felt he was under attack, Geiselman paddled fast to shore, as he was 50 yards from the beach. Later, the O’Neill Cold Water Classic California, held very close to the shark attack, got an alert call from the Floridian, who was also competing in the event.  Eric Geiselman, his brother and some friends were not injured.  There are 22 species of sharks documented in the area and with plenty of wildlife in the water there are bound to be some large sharks lurking in the water so be aware. But remember, sharks are not out to eat humans, it’s mostly mistaken identity.  Below are frame grabs from the video posted on surfline. See link below to watch the clip. See The Video Great White Attacks Board Eric Geiselman's board after being hit by a great white shark in santa cruz

New Wood Veneer Surf Fins November 06 2009

Here are the latest surf finsfins styles available now: Bamboo Red Stripe, TA Classic Wood, Bamboo Burl.

New Stand Up Paddle - Shallow water / touring fin November 05 2009

SUP Shallow Water / Touring ( SWT )     [caption id="attachment_195" align="alignleft" width="425" caption="Stand Up Paddle - Shallow water fin"]stand up paddle - touring/ shallow water fin[/caption]   These fins were designed to be used primarily as a single center fin.  #1 Best for areas that have shallow water and or any kind of floating grass/kelp. Effortlessly paddle through thick mats of grass. Transition the shallows of your beach without hitting bottom. Great near shore touring ability.  #2 Paddle a course with less effort due to excellent tracking from this design. Glide is enhanced so less side-to-side paddle exchanging is needed. A thin foil section along with a surface piercing leading edge makes this fin fast on all angles. You will find this design to be faster, with less drag than the fin that came stock with your board.  A great upgrade fin that has many uses. The SWT is a must have!! Prices Start at $61.00

Everybody Loves Rincon October 22 2009

Here is a clip with Kelly Slater, Yadin Nicol + some of the local boys ripping at Rincon from seasons past. With NW swells beginning to march down the coast of California, we are starting to see waves at Rincon and of course with the usual crowds of 5 guys to a wave sometimes... The good thing is that the water quality has cleared up a bit since the rain last week. Looks like more surf on the way with a moderate El Nino winter weather pattern prediction. Seems like the summer flatness has passed as we are moving onward into Fall and anticipating the winter months to get our fill of waves. Be prepared for the surf this season and make sure you have a few solid sets of fins...To purchase fins for your shortboard or longboard go to true ames online store. [youtube=].

Greenough Classic Footage 1969 September 24 2009

[youtube=] Amidst his wind generators, blue ocean boats, and camera housings, George Greenough had enough energy to revolutionize fin design. A seed of the revolution, the 4-A has a narrow, flexible tip that enhances maneuverability and a flared base for increased stability and drive -- an ideal combination for the point surf George fancied. Check out our selection of George Greenough surf fins.
Greenough 4C Greenough 4A Greenough 4A - red stripe

Bonzer Bamboo Veneer Superlite September 23 2009

bonzer bamboo veneerBonzer Bamboo Veneer 6.5” is all you get In 1970, across the fertile planes of Oxnard, the Cambell brothers invented the unprecedented Bonzer design, and this rear-loading fin, available now in a Bamboo veneer super lite version, was its centerpiece. Make sure to also get the runners that complete the Bonzer configuration.

New Wooden Fins September 18 2009

Wooden Fins by True Ames

A new variety of wooden fins are in stock now. Check out the Bamboo Burl, Bamboo Red Stripe, and the Classic Wood Stripe. See all of the templates ranging from Greenough 4-a to the Heritage and California Classic at

Bonzer Runners- Bamboo Truelite September 18 2009

Bonzer runners Bonzer Runners- Bamboo Truelite front fins: base: 5.31” / 131 mm height: 2.75” / 71 mm back fins: base: 4.75” / 121 mm height: 2.31” / 59 mm These lightweight runners are constructed with True Lite hexcore and real bamboo wood. The result is a high performance super lite set-up. Save 30% on the weight over traditional glass runners.

True Ames Fins September 17 2009

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