Tyler Warren Quad - Glass Ons - Solid Cedar

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( 4 Fin Set ) Glass Ons: After experimenting with quads for 7 years Tyler found that this design works best. These fins have a loose fluid drive that allows for effortless speed and drive. The front fins are single foil and back fins are 80 / 20 foil. These are Solid RTM Hexcore and are super-light.

The cedar grain gives these fins optimum flex / stiffness. To make these easier for you to glass them on, there is one layer of glass on each side. Wood fins also have positive buoyancy, they float! The best part is that we make them here, in house.

( Front Fins ) HEIGHT: 4.50" / 114 mm   BASE: 4.75" / 121 mm

( Back Fins ) HEIGHT: 3.5" / 89 mm   BASE: 3.875" / 98 mm

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