Lovelace Asymmetrical Goofy - FCS Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

Lovelace Asymmetrical Goofy - FCS Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

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This set is designed to pair with asymmetrical boards made for GOOFY foot surfers. Ryan Lovelace designed these fins as a friendly well-rounded asym set. The small keel on the toe-side will provide great drive and projection while still allowing for vertical pivot off the bottom; The quad setup on the heel-side will lend towards clean cutbacks and seamless re-directions. 

( Toe Side Fin)
 5.125" / 130mm   
BASE: 5.75" / 146 mm
AREA: 21.96”² /  141.69 cm²

( Heel Side Fins)
HEIGHT: 4.50" / 114 mm   
BASE: 4.625" / 118 mm
AREA: 9.47”² /  61.12 cm²

HEIGHT: 3.625" / 92 mm   
BASE: 3.75" / 94 mm
AREA: 14.88”² / 96.02 cm²


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