Our Materials

All surf fins are not created equal! We take advantage of a vast amount of fin manufacturing experience to create fins that work in many different applications.

Designs are executed using the required materials and foils to create the highest performance surf fins available today.


In order to achieve the performance characteristics that have become the standard of solid fiberglass surf fins, we use E-glass. It is the most common type of fiberglass used in surfboard construction, and its qualities translate with great success into fin construction. E-glass has excellent flex characteristics and performance longevity, while featuring the bonus of outstanding color vibrancy that allows for the variety of colors we offer.


Handmade by the True Ames team in Santa Barbara, CA, the appeal of the fins we offer with volan fiberglass construction goes much deeper than their distinctive coke-bottle-green color and raw finish. Each of our volan fins is cut from the highest quality fiberglass and perfectly aligned for optimal flex characteristics. These limited supply fins flex from the body of the fin thereby producing increased speed and projection off the bottom and through turns.


The Resin Transfer Method (RTM) allows us to construct a composite fin, inside which hexagonal pieces of lightweight coremat displace fiberglass and resin. The result: a fin that is 25% lighter than a normal solid fiberglass fin, without compromising performance. Our Hexcore fins have become the standard by which system fins are measured.


The evolutionary curve continues at True Ames with the construction of Marine Plywood and Solid Bamboo fins. We offer ultra-light glass-on fins in a variety of templates that is rapidly expanding. We make these fins in house in Santa Barbara, CA, using cad/cam for precision foils before applying a layer of glass and sanding. We end up with the highest quality wood fins that are ready for top-level board construction.