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Album Gemini Asym Twin Goofy - Futures Compatible

olive / pink

Introducing our first ever asymmetrical twin fin design! The Album Gemini Asymmetrical Twins were created with the intention of providing a unique experience tailored specifically to each rail and directional change. The slightly larger toe side fin has some extra rake and a fuller tip area which will impart extra hold, drive, and speed off the bottom. The smaller heel side fin is more upright which allows for a tighter turning radius and maneuverability when cutting back into the pocket or rebounding off the white wash.  

*Designed for goofy foot surfers

(Toe Side - Olive Fin)

HEIGHT: 5.45" / 138mm   
BASE: 5.15" / 131 mm
AREA: 20.80”² /  134.20 cm²

(Heel Side - Pink Fin)

HEIGHT: 5.30" / 135mm   
BASE: 5.15" / 131 mm
AREA: 18.70”² /  120.40 cm²

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