Channel Islands Mikey February Twin - Futures Compatible

Channel Islands Mikey February Twin - Futures Compatible

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Designed alongside the fine folks at Channel Islands, the Mikey February Twin is an original template built in-house from the ground up. We're truly proud of this design, the craftsmanship, and the final result / performance that these fins provide. Featuring a medium size template, a gentle amount of rake, a performance oriented tip, and a swept trailing edge - the M. Feb Twin lends towards smooth arcing turns as well as lightning fast responsiveness. Power, flow, and buttery smooth style are intrinsic components of this well-built twin that showcases our top-notch precision foils.

HEIGHT: 5.39" / 137mm   
BASE: 5.58" / 142 mm
AREA: 23.51”² / 151.69 cm²


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