George Greenough’s life long dedication and passion to the art of wave riding began in Santa Barbara, CA in the 1950’s. His approach and theory to riding waves forever changed the trajectory of surfing in the mid-1960’s. His ideas and ability to create and then perform on new surf vehicles led to higher speeds, in-the-pocket, high-performance surfing with all sorts of banked-turns and directional changes.

George’s contributions were undeniably forward thinking and ahead of the era. His aquatic ideas and creations were not just limited to stand-up surfing but also windsurfing, kneeboarding, mat-riding, boat hulls, and videography from the water. One of the biggest advancements of the time was George’s ‘swept-back’ fin that had more rake and produced more drive and speed off the bottom. This concept, through years of partnership, has evolved and morphed into True Ames’ Greenough 4A Fin - our bread and butter.

We are very proud to have been working with George over the last few decades in order to create some of the finest surfing fins in the world. The Greenough 4A is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable designs in surfing especially when paired with the timeless and iconic George Greenough airplane logo.

Be a part of the legacy and grab your own George Greenough fin or shirt today!