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Each one of our volan fins are perfectly aligned for optimal weave orientation and cut from the highest quality fiberglass in order to produce fins with the very best performance flex characteristics. These limited supply fins will flex more from the body of the fin which will produce increased speed and projection off the bottom and through turns. Each fin is crafted with a labor of love here at our factory in Santa Barbara, CA.

We love using Volan here at True Ames for fins because of the intrinsic properties that the cloth provides which pairs well with our stringent production methods. Compared to our standard fiberglass, Volan is a heavier weight glass with a more coarse and dense weave. We painstakingly layup each 44 layer panel by hand (about 2 hours for a 30x30” panel) in order to achieve a high glass to resin ratio, and also to ensure that the coarse weave is properly saturated - these details further add to the strength, and eventually the flex pattern’s ‘memory’, which is essentially the fin’s ability to endure a large number of reps and then ‘return to center’, all while sustaining a powerful flex. All of our Volan fins are also specifically templated and aligned for optimal weave orientation (about 70* perpendicular to the base) which allow the fins to flex more through the body and ‘trunk’, as opposed to just in the thinner tip area. All in all, we've found that this labor of love results in fins that have the very best flex characteristics that we're able to make.