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      About Mandala

      Manny Caro of Mandala Surfboards is known for his mathematical approach to surfboard building, making note of his use of the mandala as a brand name and logo, is symbolic of unity and harmony. A mandala may look simple, but the more that it’s studied the more the complexities of the design comes to life, very much like Manny’s surfboards. First taking up surfing in 1983 at Blackies in Newport Beach, Manny soon became enthralled with learning how to navigate the lineup and culture of the beach on a surfboard. He began shaping in 2002 and was lucky enough to apprentice and shape with legends March Andreini, Wil Jobson and Rich Pavel. Manny now resides in Leucadia, a small throwback beach town outside of San Diego where the people refuse gentrification and admire tradition. He continues to work on his surfboard designs for locals and surfers all over the world, practicing his archery skills, and building geometrically-inspired speakers for friends and customers alike.