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Q. What size single fin do I need?
A. The size of your single fin is determined by a variety of factors. A general rule of thumb is for every foot of length for your board should equate to an inch in height for your fin. For example a 6 foot board would work well with a 6 inch fin… but other factors come into consideration, like tail width, the rider’s weight, type of board ect… For more information regarding picking a fin out, check out the How to Choose the Right Fin page or send us an email at info@trueames.com for a proper recommendation.

Q. Where should I place my fin in a single fin box?
A. Placement of a single fin the box can greatly change the feeling of your surfboard. Placing the fin forward creates a loose feeling, which makes it easier to turn your board by shortening the radius in which the board pivots. Putting the fin towards the rear of the box will stiffen the board up, adding control and drawing turns out longer. We always recommend playing around with the location of your single fin, slide it up for one session and back the next until you find that sweet spot! 

Q. How will the fin(s) size effect performance?
A. A larger fin will increase hold (control) and drive (generated speed) but could ultimately slow your board down because of the increased drag. A smaller fin will increase sensitivity and reduce drag, making your board go faster, but will reduce hold. That’s why it’s important to dial in the size of a fin, to create a balance of these aspects to best compliment the wave conditions and style of surfing.

Q. What does flex do in a fin?
A. Flex characteristics play a huge part in the performance aspects of a fin… Softer (or fins with more flex) will load up and release energy when maneuvering the board up and down the wave face which delays reaction time but will ultimately provide more projection. Flex can add an energized feeling to your board. A stiffer fin will add control and quicken reaction time, lending itself to faster and more critical wave types where those rapid changes are needed. Check out our Fin Terminology page for more info.

Q. What does rake do in a fin?
A. Rake, a main proponent of the template, drastically changes performance. A more upright fin (less rake) will provide your board with a tighter-arcing radius. Fins that are more swept back (more rake) will draw out your turns.Check out our Fin Terminology page for more info. 

Q. Does my weight play a role in deciding which fin(s) I should buy?
A. Weight plays an important role when deciding the size of a fin, especially fins you’d be using for a multi-finned board. For tri-fins, the general weight-to-size range would be; Size S (>130 lbs), size M (130 lbs - 170 lbs), size L (170 lbs +). When determining the size of a single fin, weight is down the list for contributing factors but still should be considered to a degree. For example, those on the smaller size might use a single fin only .5" or .75" different than someone on the other side of the scale. 

Q. Should I make my fin(s) selection based on the type of waves I'm surfing?
A. Absolutely! Fin and surfboard designs are more often than not created to compliment a type of wave. For instance; a more upright fin (less rake) will provide your board with a tighter-arcing radius is usually the standard for smaller, mushier waves when sections are smaller versus a fin with more rake which will draw out your turns which would compliment a larger, more slopey wave. Often times larger and stiffer fins will provide more stability and hold as well for larger waves. When the waves are smaller and not as powerful you may want to be careful not to over-fin your board because it can start to feel sluggish and slow. 

Q. What is the difference between solid glass and hexcore fins?
A. Our solid glass fins are made with E-glass, the most common in surfboard construction due to its flex characteristics and long lifespan. Hexcore, or RTM (Resin Transfer Method) fins are created with hexagonal pieces of lightweight coremat which displace fiberglass and resin, resulting in a fin 25% lighter without compromising performance. We often use hexcore for our shortboard fins because of their slightly more minimal weight. 

Q. Do your single fins fit in a certain type of fin box?
A. All of our single fins are designed to fit in the industry standard, U.S. made - Fins Unlimited / Bahne single fin boxes. We can only gaurentee that our fins will fit within the specific tolerances of Bahne designed boxes. 

Q. Why are volan fins your most premium products?
A. The performance characteristics of volan versus E-glass is what makes them such a premium product. Volan fins flex more from the center of the fin rather than the tip like a typical E-glass fin, making them feel livelier with added drive and projection. You can check out the Volan Collection here.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. We are open and shipping orders Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, we do our best to ship all orders same day or the next during our normal business hours. Orders are normally delivered 2-3 days domestically from ship date depending on location, day of purchase, and shipment method chosen. International shipping length depends on location, and the shipping carrier selection. Please allow a couple extra days for shipping during observed holidays.

Q. How do I qualify for free shipping?
A. Our free shipping option is available for domestic (within the United States) retail customers only. The order subtotal (excluding taxes and shipping) must exceed $100.00 USD in order to qualify. The free shipping rate will be available at the time of checkout only if you are shipping to a U.S. address, and if your order subtotal meets the $100.00 + requirement. See more info our on customer service page.

Q. Do you ship to where I live?
A. We ship almost everywhere in the world! A great way to determine your best shipping method and cost, is to proceed to checkout. The checkout process will show you your available shipping methods specific to your location before you have to enter any payment info etc.. If you aren’t sure you can always email us at info@trueames.com to find out!

Q. Why is it important to invest in fins?
A. If you are at all inclined about the importance of the design aspects of your surfboard, then investing in fins should be a no-brainer. Fins are an important part of any surfboard and should be taken into special consideration. A lot of times your fin(s) are 50% or more of your equipment volume that is actually touching the water when your surfing. Quality fins provide quality performance which leads to more waves and more fun! Don't skimp on your fins if you don't skimp on your boards, they're equally as important!