TAPPY's surfboards, known for meticulous craftsmanship, are unique creations inspired by art and music, as well as Tappy's diverse lifelong experiences.

      TAPPY’s surfboards achieved global recognition following enthusiastic feedback from renowned longboarders like Dane Peterson and Harrison Roach. In recent years, TAPPY has received acclaim both domestically in Japan and on the international stage, earning invitations as a guest shaper from esteemed industry players such as Deus ex Machina and the Shaper's Club based in France.

      TAPPY began surfing around the age of 10. While attending school on the North Shore of Hawaii, he drew inspiration from local shapers, eventually dropping out of high school to pursue the craft of surfboard building.  While experiencing the real-time evolution of surfboard design from single fins to twin fins and then to thrusters, TAPPY became disillusioned with the commercialization of surfing, and consequently decided to move his life in another direction.

      In his late teens, TAPPY enrolled in art school, immersing himself in modern art and dedicating his days to bringing forth his own artistic visions.  Later, in his twenties, he delved into backcountry snowboarding, embarking on expeditions not only within Japan but also to countries such as the United States and New Zealand.  Around the age of 30, with many new experiences from which to inspire him, TAPPY happily returned to surfboard building, and for over 25 years, he has continued to craft one-of-a-kind surfboards out of Japan.