Transition Era Appreciation Night at Daydream Surf Shop

A surf-history nerd's dream movie marathon night is happening tomorrow evening down in Costa Mesa at one of our fine retailers, Daydream Surf Shop.

Kyle Kennelly and his crew of experimental wave-sliders have decided to show the OC youngsters and old-timers alike a night to remember by showing the Paul Witzig Trilogy in it's entirety. The Hot Generation, Evolution, and Sea of Joy back to back. If that doesn't sound like a glorious way to celebrate surf history then I don't know what is!

The event starts at 7 pm, with each film running about 75 mins long back to back which will wrap the night up at around 11 pm. And for those brave and dedicated enough, Felix Galvan, a local Orange County artist will be laying down some permanent body art with inspiration drawn from the Transition Era period.