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Craftsman / Laminator

General Summary:

A True Ames Laminator is responsible for performing the necessary steps and functions it requires to manufacture and produce the material used to create the highest quality surfboard fins available. This individual must have the desire and the skills necessary for working with their hands in a workshop environment, both when performing tasks manually and with machinery. The ideal candidate is a person who is dexterously adept, mechanically inclined, is able to follow technical procedures, and is motivated to efficiently and effectively replicate our desired products and materials.    


Essential Job Functions:

  • Gain a knowledgeable and comprehensive understanding of the products we manufacture
    • Become an expert on the designs, theories, materials and technical aspects associated with our products 
  • Follow guidelines and step-by-step procedures required to manufacture laminated fiberglass / resin panels
  • Prepare / perform the proper set-up of materials and machinery to ensure safety and desired results 
  • Work with, and accordingly manipulate the variety of materials we use in our surfboard fin construction
    • This includes, but is not limited to laminating with fiberglass and resin 
  • Operation and use of hand / power tools, equipment and machinery 
    • Tasks may include, but are not limited to cutting materials on band saws, use of belt-sanders, using hand drills / saws, using grinders and routers, disc sanders, sanding fiberglass by hand, using a panel-saw, using metal files
  • Perform all tasks and functions with precision and repeatability
  • Effectively employ time management and efficiencies when working with hands / machinery 
  • Upkeep, cleaning and maintenance of the workshop, tools and machinery 
  • Effectively communicate with superiors and co-workers in order to ensure the accuracy and quality of production

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to carefully follow directions 
  • Ability to work in a loud, fast-paced, dusty work environment with ear, eye and respiratory protection 
  • Responsibly and safely handle tools, machinery and hazardous materials 
  • Ability to perform physically demanding work, lift heavy materials and remain standing on your feet for long periods of time
  • Gain a first-hand understanding of our brand, business history, customer base and vision for the future
  • Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious, and provides complete follow-through on all areas of responsibility
  • Comfortable with team-based work structure; ability to remain flexible within the work environment 

Key Skills Required: 

  • Attention to detail, accuracy and precision
  • Organization and efficiency
  • Dexterous skills and abilities 
  • Mechanically and mathematically inclined 
  • Ability to closely follow directions and safety protocols 
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills 
  • Teamwork and communication 

Preferred Job Qualifications: 

  • In-depth workshop / craftsmanship experience 
  • Experience working with fiberglass / resin, laminating surfboards, or working in the surf industry
  • Extensive knowledge of surfing and the desire to be part of a core, legendary and genuine surf company

Employee Conduct:

  • It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors