Dewey Weber

Dewey Weber


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About Dewey Weber

Dewey Weber is another iconic surfer, shaper and businessman that hails from the 60s who has set his place in surf history and culture. He began surfing at the age of 9, a few years after him and his family moved to Manhattan Beach from Colorado. Influenced by his surroundings and the close proximity to the center of production board building at the time, Weber found himself befriending Dale Velzy. Velzy’s wide-tailed pig boards allowed Weber to develop his famous style, and at 5’3 130lbs, was known for his quick feet and ability to leverage the weight of the board to turn harder and faster than what his stature seemed to allow. Weber is best remembered for his small-wave performances, mainly at the famous California surf break Malibu, but was also a proficient big-wave surfer in Hawaii. His shop, Weber Surfboards, opened in Venice to great success and was second in popularity to Hobie in the 60s. Little known to the surf world, Weber was also a three-time national yo-yo champion and a decorated wrestler in his school day. In 1966 he was inducted into the International Surfing Magazine Hall of Fame. Weber’s legacy lives on through the continued production of his surfboards, his influence on classic-longboard style, and his iconic “hatchet” fin template that we’re excited to be producing in his name.