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About Shawn Stüssy

Iconic designer, artist and shaper Shawn Stüssy has honored True Ames by letting us bring to life some of his fin templates. Stussy began shaping boards at the age of 13, and worked under the Russell Surboards label until he eventually started his own project in 1980. It was at this time that Stüssy started making t-shirts and other apparel donning his signature (which was soon to become legendary) in order to promote the surfboard brand. Stüssy Inc. was launched in 1984 and it soon became one of the largest global street wear labels of the 80's and 90's. Stüssy's passion for his original pursuits never waned however, and he's recently been back at it shaping for those lucky enough to get their hand on a board. We're happy to say the fins work insanely well, try 'em out as a twin or in the twin + trailer combo.