All surf fins are not created equal! We take advantage of a vast amount of fin manufacturing experience to create fins that work in many different applications. Designs are executed using the required materials and foils to create the highest performance surf fins available today.

We offer a few templates in solid fiberglass for the people who want a more sturdy fin for bigger waves and bigger boards. These templates will complement your step up board or big wave gun. We manufacture these fins with the highest quality materials available, for long lasting durability and high performance. They feature balanced flex patterns and perfect foils.

The Resin Transfer Method (RTM) allows us to construct a composite fin, inside which hexagonal pieces of light weight coremat displace fiberglass and resin.
The result: a fin that is up to 25% lighter than a normal solid fiberglass fin. The performance is exceptional, yielding unparalleled flex and drive. Our Hexcore fins have become the standard to which all fins are measured.

The evolutionary curve continues at True Ames with the construction of Solid Core Bamboo and Cedar fins. We are offering ultra light glass-on fins in a variety of templates that is rapidly growing. Fins are made in house using cad/cam for precision foils. We then apply a layer of glass and sand. The result is the highest quality wood fin ready for top-level board construction.
Check our website for further details, updated information regarding new templates, and a possible limited offering for fins that will fit in the standard long board fin box!