Fin Talk Vol 9: - Rich Pavel

Rich Pavel at True Ames
 When you see the pencil drawn heart and wings on a surfboard you are guaranteed a couple of thing; the board will be shaped to an almost unattainable level of precision, and the board will flat out work.  Rich Pavel is somewhat of an enigma that could only exist in the surf industry, ever present but reserved.  The allure and demand for his hand shapes has not waned for decades, yet to possess one of these magic sleds has remained unachievable for most.  True Ames has called Rich a friend for years, and has worked with him to create some of the most dynamic fin templates available. We chatted with Rich about fins and the result is here for you to enjoy and learn.  
Pavel Single Fin
TA: The Powerglide and Dynaflow are really dynamic fin designs, can you tell us a little bit about them and what boards they will pair best with?
RP:  The DYNAFLOW design does well with most any hips aft proportioned board. Demonstrated in terms of getting " Loosa at Noosa" holding in while pursuing your surfing in a fully activating approach. Bottom line "Total Involvement Era plugging into no compromise expression of style. Prolly the obvious choice for noseriders as well. Example : Our Ambassador Dylan Jones has throughout his tenure at Malibu tested this particular design. As a compliment to DYNAFLOW The Power-Glide is a different animal than The Dynaflow. Dylan has tested each of these fins.  Every longboard that does not require you sacrifice your aspiration for surfing with style does well with the Dynaflow fin design.
The Power-Glide is just like it sounds. Where the gazelle outperforms lion, Check the flex Cheetah like Intensity with fluidity, Jimmy Hendrix meets Cream. A nod to Nat Young here.  Don't just go for it; Get it on ! Pairs well with performanceWhere an impeccable approach more than an aspiration. It is integral and a cornerstone. Buy them both if your journey is to be a complete surfer.
 Dyna Flow and Powerglide
TA: True Ames has been getting great feedback from users on the Super Dialer Quad.  What makes this fin design work so well in a variety of boards?
RP: TESTING. Mainly over time. These fins maintain in very exciting equipment and demanding conditions both. These exceptional designs bring freedom of expression opens up band~width and depth of feeling. This is freeing from constraints and convention which in turne is a wonderful aspect of surfers. In fact : As Surfers we live for this.
 The earliest solutions came from testing on reefs ( La Jolla ) and beach (Blacks) breaks. The continuing education came while enrolled at City (Santa Barbara) College & attending classes at U.C.S.B. It actually is closer to events to say ditching class and delving into the regions various set~ups. Lets give a bit of collective credit due here. By hanging out with the likes of a Wilderness crew Paul Gross , Greenough the Yater family the testing grounds opened up. Fun fact : My all time favourite career trunks came from Sally Yater's  Summerland Bikini Factory.  Thinking back on it a lot was happening then in the 80s. Surfing had some real growing pains and there have been many painful lessons along the journey. lets not forget la Buena Ventura !
 Imagine regionally Jalama to Santa Clara River-mouth in the El Niño era & beyond. Geographically speaking the bookends here being represented by the launch pads at Point Magu to the South and Vandeburg to the North with several Points in between.
  So there is that plus the adventure / experienced from exploring different cultures coupled with the corresponding oceans that accompany them. Some valuable lessons filled with exhilaration which elicit ones instincts, so that has been the bullseye. Enjoy.
Super and Speed Dialer
TA: Chuck has been foiling some really sweet volan performance keels you designed.  What can you tell us about this range of updated performance keel templates, and where can we find boards utilizing them in the wild?
RP: Well that's a very good question. Like Lopez stated in the title of his book 📚 SURF IS WHERE YOU FIND IT. 
   As we endeavour to improve distribution bear in mind. Here is the yin with the yang.  Held within the range of keels is a modicum of flex. There is is an updated " Contemporary Classic" along thee most thoroughly modern the performance. This Performance Keel incorporates Chuck's innate ability to foil in a refined flex making this today's Keel for today's surfer. We wish to give credit to the phenomenal Steve Lis here as none of this has been possible without his Blessed discovery of the fish design in the beginning. In fact he's still going with his integrity and continuity. 🙇More on that later !
 Surfers are free & beautiful bunch by nature.  They're also a wild bunch !  So it's only fitting & natural that these fins are all built by surfers for surfers & that is right where you'll find them. Under foot in the wild where surfers truly  thrive. I want to express my profound gratitude to Chuck Ames for his lifetime of dedication to this lifestyle. We got some phenomenal fins being produced straight out of  Santa "Goleta" Barbara right there.. We meaning the crew @ True Ames.
All through our relationship since the 70's Chuck has coalesced and discipled a solid crew.  Respect ✊ enough said .
Rich 🙏 Pavel