Tyler Warren Flux

Tyler Warren Flux from True Ames on Vimeo.

We're pleased to announce the newest collection to hit the True Ames lineup, the Tyler Warren Flux fin series.Tyler, a Southern California native, has carved out his place in both the art world and the surf industry by perfecting his approach to design and aesthetic.

Tyler's natural wave riding ability and and intuitive knack for design makes him a great partner and candidate to not only create innovative fin templates, but truly test them until the perfect balance is found.

The Flux's purpose is to hold into the face of the wave during steeper, more critical sections while also producing solid drive. This fin is the perfect fit for larger boards in the quiver that are needing that extra bit of positive energy. It's design features a full forward - tapering foil, an extended amount of rake and a narrow sensitive tip which is built to provide both stability and smooth fluidity through turns.

We are stoked to be offering the Flux two size templates, four color-ways and a volan option. The 9.25" template which will compliment smaller, more agile longboards and egg-shaped crafts while the 10.0" template fits the bill for any pintail longboards, gliders, classic squaretail boards and wider tailed mid-lengths.