For the past five years Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman have been working with George Greenough on the modern evolution of his Edge Board designs, alongside the fins that pair with them.

Ericson and Kidman have created a book and a film that charts their journey as they work with Greenough to personalize their own equipment based on the designs that George has been toying around with since the late ‘60s.

Shot in Australia on the North Coast of New South Wales, it features the original venues... Lennox Head and Angourie, where Greenough’s innovative Edge designs were tested in the early ‘70s.

True Ames is stoked to have been working with George and Marc Andreini to create the new cutting ‘edge’ fins... first the High Speed Series, and now the revolutionary Greenough Power Blade fins.
Be sure to check out the book / film on their upcoming tour as well as some of the custom limited edition Power Blade fins which you can pre-order on their site, or see in person at one of their stops.