Shralp Stories with Kolton Sullivan - A new type of VLOG

There is something about vlogs that is undeniably captivating. For the average Joe, it's one of the few chances we get to learn from the Pros - training regimen, diet, recovery etc, etc.

Lucky for us, team rider Kolton Sullivan has launched into the world of vlogs with a series called "Shralp Stories", sponsored by Used Surf. We wont spoil too many of Kolton's secrets, but we can hint at Milano cookies, dirt bikes, and a set of TA fins as being some of his most utilized performance enhancing practices. With the lack of waves and uncharacteristically crappy weather we've been experiencing on the west coast, you can still improve your surfing with a few tips and tricks from Kolton. 

Check out the full series on YouTube via Used Surf's home page