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Channel Islands Surf Fins by: True Ames March 04 2010

Get in the flow with a new set of Channels Islands fins by: True Ames- Get your favorite shortboard dialed in with a set of high performance CI fins.  These fins are great for powerful surf and bigger riders.  A very close base to height ratio and great flex designed for point surf and waves with some juice. Our Channel Island Fins are available in Solid Glass, Hexcore, and Bamboo FCS Compatible, Futures Compatible, and of course, Glass Ons.

The Channel Islands - Tri Fin February 05 2010

[youtube=] The first in a video series that highlights on True Ames Surf Fins. This video shows the Channel Islands Futures compatible fin. The channel islands fin is good for mid to heavy weight surfers, specifically for pointbreaks like Rincon. This fin is also available in glass on, and FCS compatible. These Hexcore fins are very light and durable, giving you  the best fin for your shortboard. Check out the video clip for more info and to see this fin on our online store click here. Stay tuned for weekly Surf Fin highlights. Next week we will look at one of our featured longboard fins.



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