The Return of Stab Magazine's "Electric Acid Surfboard Test" with Stephanie Gilmore

It's been almost a year since the absolute tear that Dane Reynolds went on down in Mexico for Stab's first "Electric Acid Surfboard Test" where he put a variety of "alternative" surfboard shapes through their paces. The test was a success and the accompanying film truly set about exposing the performance capabilities of these off-beat style boards in the modern age of surfing.

Fast forward to today where Stab has again announced the return of the "Electric Acid Surfboard Test" with none other than surfing's ruling style queen, Stephanie Gilmore. Stab and Steph spent 7 days in Africa riding one of the most diverse quivers of boards we've laid eyes on.

We're once again beyond excited and fortunate enough to have provided the fins for the project. Our "ride everything" surfboard ethos at True Ames can be seen through the variety of fins we manufacture and sell and is reflective of the types of craft Stephanie is seen riding in the film.

Stab and Corona are premiering the film in Australia tomorrow, April 4th, at the Currumbin RSL at 5 PM (or whenever according to Stab) and soon after around the world. Head over to for more details and check the flyer below for tomorrow's premiere. 

And here this year's diverse participating shapers:

Simon Anderson
Sydney, Australia
Brand: Simon Anderson Surfboards

Matt “Mayhem” Biolos
San Clemente, California
Brand: ...Lost Surfboards

Shyama Buttonshaw
Bells Beach, Australia
Brand: Shyama Designs

Alex Crews
Gold Coast, Australia
Brand: ACSOD (Alex Crews Shapes Or Die)

Joel Fitzgerald
Byron Bay, Australia
Brand: Fitzgerald Surfboards

Simon Jones
Byron Bay, Australia
Brand: Morning of the Earth 

Alex Knost
Costa Mesa, California
Brand: Brown Microwave Television

Ryan Lovelace/Dan Malloy
Santa Barbara, California
Brand: Lovelace Surfboards

Al and Britt Merrick
Santa Barbara, California
Brand: Channel Islands Surfboards

Mark Richards
Newcastle, Australia
Brand: MR Designs

Shawn Stussy
Santa Barbara, California
Brand: S/Double