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SURF EXPO 2012 - True Ames Fins booth # 1266 August 22 2012

Check out our latest fin designs at SURF EXPO this Sept. 6-8th 2012. Orlando, FL True Ames offers a greater diversity of fin products than any other fin company. Our material experimentations have created the True Lite Hexcore fin line, which includes thruster templates that are FCS and Futures Compatible from Lost, Erik Arakawa, Hamish Graham, Timmy Patterson, and Channel Islands. Our close relationships to imaginative pros, such as Josh Farberow, Jimmy Gamboa, Oliver Parker, Daniel Graham, Ashley Lloyd, and Brad Gerlach allows us to maintain the constant flow of feedback that will continue to establish True Ames as the industry's greatest fin resource.

Check out some of our New Surf Fins August 15 2012

Check out our latest fin selection. Some of our new fins include: • Tyler Warren Quad FinsChristian Wach - Canvas FinSmith and Parrish Single FinTyler Warren - Bar of Soap Fins

True Ames Surf Fins New Video: Hexcore System Fins for FCS and Futures Fins Compatible July 20 2012


Here is a quick clip that showcases our line of Hexcore System Fins. These ultra light fins are available in FCS compatible and Futures Compatible. We use the Resin Transfer Method that allows us to construct a composite fin, inside which hexagonal pieces of lightweight coremat displace fiberglass and resin. The result is a fin that is up to 25% lighter than a normal fiberglass fin, yet retains the same positive flex and amazing drive! Whether you are surfing small beach breaks or solid reef breaks, we've got you covered with a wide variety of fins to fit your board and type of surfing.


The Greenough 4-A now comes in 2 solid colors. Orange and Yellow. The 4-A has a narrow, flexible tip that enhances maneuverability and a flared base for increased stability and drive -- an ideal combination for the point surf George fancied.

NEW BAMBOO FINS: Tyler Warren Bar of Soap Twin Fins June 06 2012

Ok, so we finally have the Tyler Warren- Bar of Soap, Bamboo Fins in stock. This is a new batch of bamboo machine foiled fins that we made right here "in house!" These fins have been in the works for a little while and now we've perfected them. A really cool thing about them is that the orientation of the bamboo grain gives these fins optimum flex and stiffness for a perfect ride. Not only are the super light but the actually float!


Summer Fin Selection:  Here is the break down ont these 3 unique templates... ( pictured left to right )

YATER RUDDER: This fin recently 2010 surf season has had a design overhaul. By taking some area out of the middle of the fin, Renny has now found a flex pattern that is almost optimum right away. A flex fin will be a bit stiffer from the beginning, but as it is used, the glass/resin begin to break down, and for some time, the flex will be optimum. This design targets modern long boards and the 2+1 set up. Designed for high performance turning and trimming while actually enhancing overall feel.

YATER SPOON:Every artist must grow weary of performing his opus. A catalog of splendid material, but the crowd only wants to hear the early hits. The Yater Spoon is a timeless step–deck design, and this fin has held steadfast and stable in a lot of photos that read circa in the caption. Thread to spec–a perfect replica of the original, this fin makes new logs feel old and old logs feel older.

YATER CLASSIC: It’s 1969. Okay. Ill–tempered Yater Pocket– Rockets streak straight lines across the USA. 2008: Another year for me and you. Hanging from collectors’ walls, the Pocket Rocket has nothing to do, but its fin–our beloved Yater Classic–is in mass–production. Its upright design, coupled with minimal flex, makes it a layman–friendly, all–purpose gem. Uh oh my. And uh...uh boo hoo.

T&C Grom Contest in Waikiki / May 19-20 May 11 2012

True Ames Fins is a proud sponsor of the 15th Annual T&C Surf/Surfer Magazine Grom Contest at Queen's surf in Waikiki on May 19-20. Groms age 12 and younger take to the waves vying for top spots in shortboard, longboard and bodyboard division. Preliminary heats run all day Saturday with the top six advancing to the next round. Lunch is provided for competitors by Genki Sushi and drinks courtesy of Naked juice, plus free Enza apples. Returning this year is a Kokua division where adults can push their 3-6 year old into waves! Day two Sunday takes you back into the surf for final heats, where this year's champions will claim their title as top grom. Join FreeSurf for a very special "Expression Session" on Sunday. Grown-ups and keiki compete in a tandem division where fun and creativity earns top points. Wrap it up with an award ceremony with the top six in each division earning trophies and prize packs. 3 Lucky kids will receive a gift certificate for a free set of system fins from  True Ames.... Good Luck Groms!!

KITE RACE / FIN DESIGN April 26 2012

We had a chance to catch up with Cameron Biehl, our latest True Ames team rider for kite racing.  He's actively involved in designing and making his kite race fins. Here is what cam had to say about the new CNC project and the progression of kite racing equipment. Well into our third year of Kite-racing development, we have slowly ticked the boxes toward going faster with a higher degree of control. The boards have gotten progressively wider and thus more stable, and our rocker and outlines have developed along this same theory of control. We seem to have plenty of power in the kite when you are rigged correctly, so its more about holding on rather than creating power. Its like motorcycle racing on the water, all the power you can handle is in the twist of your wrist but its more about reading the terrain and holding on; knowing your limit is part of the game but the further down the road we go; the more comfortable we are becoming at those top speeds. Part of that is the human aspect, and part is due to our equipment. The fins have also run in parallel with this same theory of control. A reduction from 4 fins to 3 has dramatically reduced not only tip drag, but lift in the back of the board, which can be hazardous to ones health in big breeze and big waves!  We had the master hand of Chuck foil a few tri-sets for us last year and even got a couple thursday night Wins on them. Once we had figured out the geometry and area, Chuck decided to help us out with his new CNC machine and we were really able to dial in our thickness to chord length percentages as well as the dynamics (flex characteristics) of the fin. We have locked in to a specific outline dictating the stiffness and center of area on the fin. When compared to our past fins which were merely old windsurfing or hand shaped specials, the newer CNC foils have a much more "slippery" feel, but in a good, faster forward way, not like the slip sideways feeling one gets when you jump back on a surfboard after race-boarding. Also the precision potting method has allowed us to guarantee our fins are at the correct cant angle and rake, which can vary depending on the rocker line of the hull and the boards attitude when skipping over chest high chop.    -Cameron Biehl We as riders are getting more and more stoked because our equipment is not only becoming more refined, but also easier to ride! This year will be very interesting in the San Francisco racing scene as a majority of the fleet is on the box rule boards, whereas last year only about 15% of the racers pushed their boards to the limit. I am stoked to be not only riding for, but throughly working with True Ames Fins to not only push my own racing to go faster, but to create a product that the public can go out and be competitive and in control on as well! For More pics and video check out true ames kite race fins

Peter Mendia Riding Proctor Surfboards with True Ames Fins March 21 2012

True Ames welcomes Peter Mendia to the team.  Here's a sick clip of some ripping going on.  Also check out the 2 page spread in Surfing magazine from this month. photo: Ira Amerson.

A Few More Tubes... Some Bodysurfing Photos in Santa Barbara March 20 2012

A few days of some fun surf here over the Holiday Break.  This day I was able to get a few more shots of some tubes


[youtube=] Rincon wintertime swell in Santa Barbara. featuring: Brandon Smith, Trevor Gordon, Travers Adler, Dane Reynolds, Tom Curren, Dylan Perkins, Dillion Perillo, Pat Curren, and more!! surfing Rincon, California   By: Morgan Maasen

Going on a Surf Trip? Don't Forget Your Fins... March 01 2012

Welcome March! Now that Spring is just around the corner, thoughts of warmer waves and sunshine are in mind for many of us.  Springtime is a great time for getting waves at home or taking a surf trip.  Here in Santa Barbara, we've had a few NW swells this season... As spring winds pick up the surf can get pretty tattered from the onshore flow and water temps will probably hover in the mid-50's.  Makes for a great time to travel somewhere warm like Hawaii or Mexico, Central America or even take off to see the Quiksilver pro at snapper rocks in Australia. Wherever you are getting waves, make sure you have the right fins.  Here are a few sets of system fins that are a perfect size range for travel, from a standard size template for your typical beach or pointbreak to a solid set of fins that will hold you into some solid reef passes or deepwater waves.


Timmy Patterson: 
Close base-to-height ratio and moderate rake. An all time favorite. A great fin for your all-around shortboard. These fins excel in the ripable waves of Trestles.

 A tried and tested design that has high rake and slender tip for maximum projection. The classic Lost fin template is a full size design. Longer power turns are where this fin excels. Best in point or reef waves with some size.

Eric Arakawa: A Hawaiian favorite designed by the master. A medium rake / area design with a solid tip. Try these fins out during the next big swell and you will feel the difference!




Hawaii usually conjures up images of blue skies and turquoise waves. Sometimes taking out the color can show the true power of the surf even more. It's not always sunny either, so on overcast days with rain squalls lighting and water color is far from perfect as are the waves. Here are a few shots from Pipe and Rocky Point on some not so perfect days.  Although the color of the waves has been desaturated, the energy of the surf is raw and oversaturated... These were during the lay days of the Vans World Cup of Surfing. Photos By: Ryan Kleiner


Here are a few shots from the 2nd day at the Sunset Contest on the North Shore of O'ahu. The swell has become a bit more manageable with lighter winds today. The first day of the contest (Sunday) saw larger windy unorganized swell with way bigger sets. Today the sun was shining and still double overhead  on the sets.  Swell is kind of dropping but more on the way for later in the week with less wind and should be good.


Photos By Ryan Kleiner:

( top ) Looking up from Rocky Point on Monday Morning at the contest scene. Some heavy tubes for sure...

( middle ) Contest crowd was massive on Sunday. Great weather and good swell = lots of people from all over.

( bottom ) Adam Robertson getting a good top turn in his heat.



True Ames Team Rider Chris Harvey recently took a 2 week trip to Portugal for some surf kayaking. Chris also met up with the shaper from Watertech Kayaks to start work on a new surf kayak design. Thanks for the update Chris! The photos are rad!

Kelly Slater Claims Historic 11th ASP World Title at Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco November 02 2011

OCEAN BEACH, San Francisco/California (Wednesday, November 2, 2011) – Kelly Slater (USA), 39, has claimed a historic 11th ASP World Title today, clinching the year-long pursuit with his advancement out of Round 3 at the Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco. Kelly Slater 11th world title


Here is our latest wallpaper image free to download.
Free Surf Art Wallpaper 1280 X 960 Free Surf Art Wallpaper 1920 X 108

Battle of the Paddle 2011 Coming Up September 16 2011

The Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, CA September 24 & 25, 2011 Dana Point, CA — The stand-up paddle phenomenon known as the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez “Battle of the Paddle” first ignited at Doheny State Beach, California, back in 2008. Since then, the ingenious formula of high-energy races and stand-up paddle (SUP) exposition has become the heartbeat of an industry and the pulse of a global lifestyle. The fourth annual Battle of the Paddle 2011 returns to Doheny State Beach September 24 & 25, and by all accounts will be the greatest battle yet. Check Out our selection of stand up paddle race fins

How To Surf Better - Get New Fins - Get Hexcore March 18 2011

Looking to stay in the tube longer, surf more vertical, or just surf faster? We have a bunch of templates to fit your style, board, and surf conditions.  Our Hexcore technology fins give you more drive and perfect flex. These fins are available in FCS compatible, Futures compatible, and glass on.  Not only does the Hexcore perform better but is also 25% lighter than standard fiberglass fins.  Try a set today and feel the difference! Most people don't realize that the fins on their board have a very important role in how well they are surfing.  Fins that are too big are going to obviously make the board hard to turn, fins too small will slide and not give you drive.  Fine tuning your fins is trial and error but when you dial in the perfect setup, you will surf better for sure.  One of the main things you want to accomplish with your fin setup is to get the most drive and then turns will follow.  A Hexcore fin is going to give a lot of drive where plastic molded fins will not. If you're surfing smaller fun waves you may want to go with smaller fins to allow more release on your turn and better turning radius. When surfing bigger, more powerful waves, switch to larger fins for more drive and more drawn out turns to keep from sliding out on critical sections. The size of the fins in direct relation to the waves you are surfing is the first step.  Not all fin templates are created equal!  Don't be afraid to experiment with different fin templates. Here are some key point on fin design to help you choose the right surf fin. Flex Flex is a very important element in our designs. Many of our fins come with a tuned flex. A fin that has flex can be very different than a fin without flex. The flex concept brings to life an otherwise average ride. Cutbacks have more power and bottom turns have more projection. Foils True Ames Fins incorporate a constant foil which means you will not find any flat spots on our fins that may cause water disturbance which will ultimately cause poor performance. Smaller fins do not need to be so thick to have the proper foil. Size The depth of your fins is measured from base to tip vertically. Adjusting your fin size will affect the performance of your board. Larger fins provide more stability and control, so a larger board will need bigger fins. Template The outline of a fin is what determines the area and the look. The way the area is distributed on the fin is what makes fins individual and work in so many different ways. A wide base fin with a wide tip is the most stable but not forgiving. A narrow base fin with a narrow tip will be very loose and fast but unstable at slow speeds. The fin’s sweep (or rake angle) affects the board’s ability to carve turns. A more vertical fin will make tight turns and fast directional changes while a more raked fin will carve wider arcs and handle more power through turns. Tail width is also a factor in fin choice. Narrow tail boards do not require deep fins because there is less distance from the fin to the rail. A wide board requires a deeper fin than a narrower board. range.

Fishy Fins February 23 2011

If your looking to try some new fins on your Fish, take a look at these.  From solid fiberglass to Hexcore to wood... We've got you covered.  Our Twin fins come in FCS compatible, Futures compatible, and Glass ons.

FINS, FINS, FINS..... February 16 2011

Just a few of our selection here at True Ames Check out the site for our full selection and latest products. This morning, under the variable clouds of a thousand fractions of sky, perched on the dented hoods of cars domestic to a hundred countries, we are looking at the same waves we looked at yesterday. As the other 99.9% of surfers, we’ve cheated, become infidels to the savagely nomadic wavesledder wed to our minds long ago. We’ve instead become frontiersman of our own backyards, cartographers to an infinity of patterns across the wave faces we know best. For over 30 years at True Ames, we’ve forged enterprise and folk science from our desire to redesign these lines in as many languages as we can learn. Faster. Stronger. Lighter. Stranger. Each member of our little family of designs is an opportunity for reinventing our turns and reliving old ones, this time with a little magic, and next time with a little more. Enjoy. 


[youtube=] Men’s 1. Andrew Bennett 16.60 2. Adam Lambert 12.53 3. Dennis Rizzo 12.46 4. Colin Schildhauer 11.76 5. Colin Dwyer   9.47 6. Sean Lesh   7.57 Pro Final 1. Mike McCabe 14.83 $1,200.00 2. Kilian Garland 14.63   $900.00 3. Andrew Bennett   9.10   $700.00 4. Tarik Khashoggi   6.33 $500.00 SEE MORE RINCON CLASSIC 2011 CONTEST RESULTS


There are probably hundreds of boards that are snapped each day around the world, and most are thrown into landfills or left on the beach. Not cool! Think about how long it takes for these materials to break down, like a million years! A great way to recycle the fiberglass and foam is to add some art and hang it on a wall for inspiration. So the next time you get a chance to recycle a broken board, go for it! Artwork: "Sunset Session" by: Ryan Kleiner



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