Ryan Lovelace

Ryan Lovelace


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About Ryan Lovelace

Ryan Lovelace has taken over the alternative surfboard scene with his extreme attention to detail, hardworking approach, dedication to hand-shaping and his outstanding ability to integrate designs from the past with modern ones to create his own niche in the surfing industry. Growing up in Seattle in the 90s, Ryan and his family would frequent Hawaii for vacation where he started navigating his journey in the ocean and then first hopped on a surfboard at 14. By 19, Ryan began shaping his own boards out of curiosity to the craft and because he just couldn’t afford to purchase a new one. After positive feedback from those riding his boards and a distaste for the corporate livelihood after taking business and marketing classes in college, Ryan took a chance and leapt at the opportunity to make surfboards for a living. Skip forward to present day... Ryan is one of the most renowned and accomplished current production hand-shapers in the world. His boards have been featured in countless respected surf publications, he has a huge community of supporters all over the world and has participated in and won the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape Off. We’re so excited to have partnered with Ryan to share his fin templates over the past few years and are looking forward to what the future may bring.