2+1 Setup Fins

The 2+1 setup is usually described as an elaboration on a single fin because while it retains the smooth feel of a single fin, the side bites will add extra drive and hold. As with single fins, there is a lot of room for experimentation with a 2+1 because you can still choose from a wide variety of single fin designs, sizes, and placements. Combine the single fin options with the design and size range of side bites, and you see how customizable a 2+1 setup can be.

When choosing fins for a 2+1 finding a functional balance between your center fin and side bites is the goal. As a rule of thumb, as the size of your center fin increases, the size of your side bites can decrease, and vice versa. Furthermore, the combined amount of fin area should increase as the size of your board increases. 


Shortboard 5.5"- 6.5" 2.6"- 3.7"
Mid Length ( Egg Shape ) 6.5"- 8"
2.6"- 4"
Performance Longboard 6.5"- 8" 3.25"- 4"


 *This chart shows a few examples of standard 2+1 setups. You may find a 2+1 combination that varies from these examples and works great.