Flex Fins

We have put together a subset of our single fins that feature enough flex to qualify as “flex fins.” When compared to stiffer fins, flex fins have slightly delayed responsiveness that ends up providing unequaled projection and acceleration.

Greater fin area generally means more hold and drive, while lesser fin area generally means a faster looser ride. 
A more upright stature (i.e. less rake) will turn with a tighter radius, while a more swept back stature (i.e. more rake) will produce wider elongated turns.
Finding the right amount of area can be accomplished by choosing between different fin templates, or by choosing different sizes from within the same template. 





6'- 7' 7"- 8.5"
7'- 8' 8"- 9.25"
8'- 9' 8.5"- 9.5"
9'- 10' 9"- 10.5"

 *Sizes in chart are guidelines that should be viewed as generally effective starting points. Optimal fin size varies with many factors including rider weight/height, wave size/power, board design, style of surfing, etc.

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