Beamish Twin - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)
Beamish Twin - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)
Beamish Twin - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

Beamish Twin - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

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( Twin-Fin Set ) Futures Compatible: Designed by Christian Beamish of Surfboards California, this twin set nicely fits into our catalog as one of our newer style hybrid-keel offerings. Not quite a twin, and not quite a keel - these fins provide some of the feelings and attributes that can be found within both classic designs. A fuller profile than an 80's style upright twin, but with less overall area than a traditional keel you can expect the Beamish twins to provide smooth fluidity through turns and off the bottom. The gentle amount rake and the moderately sized profile will still allow for plenty and maneuverability and responsiveness, but they won't sacrifice the drive and power that we're all looking for. 

We couldn't be more stoked to partner up with our neighbor down the road - Mr. Beamish. For more than two decades Christian has been quietly and methodically shaping a huge range of functional, eclectic, and just plain rad surfboards. He has walked his own path of discovery, refinement, and testing (have you seen his wave at Mavs riding a self-shaped keel fin gun!?). His ability to create and elevate trends is in full view with some of his most sought after shapes, like the channel bottom twin, old school twin, glider, and  single fins. Christian has never overlooked the importance of fins when optimizing the performance characteristics of his shapes, and we feel that this twin fin concept is a great representation of his pursuits in design and functionality. 

HEIGHT: 5.21" / 132 mm   
BASE: 6.27" / 159 mm
AREA: 23.24”² /  149.94 cm²

  • Hybrid-keel fin design: moderately sized with a gentle amount of rake
  • 80/20 foils, 5.5* Angle
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw sanded finish 
  • Futures compatible

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