Pavel Egg (Limited Release!) *ARCHIVED*

Pavel Egg (Limited Release!) *ARCHIVED*

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The Pavel Egg is the brainchild of renowned San Diego shaper Rich Pavel.  Rich has always emphasized the importance of the board and fin working in concert, which is on display in this unique single fin design. The Egg utilizes a wide base that transitions seamlessly to a narrow tip, and features a considerable amount of rake. Its wide base provides a good amount of hold, while its narrow tip and exaggerated rake creates forgiveness and versatility.  

When coupled with a mid-range single fin board this fin allows for long sweeping turns and effortless trim.  The 7.175" base of the Egg fin provides ample drive through turns, while the narrow tip allows for easy directional changes. If you’re looking for a solid single fin for mid-length surfing fin, the Pavel Egg is an excellent choice.

  • Minimal / moderate surface area with a wide base and pronounced rake
  • Hybrid design for all-around mid-length surfing provides both hold and versatility
  • Ideal pick for a wide variety of boards in the 7’ - 9’ range
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw finish

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