Christian Beamish breaks down the intricacies of surfing a twin fin and the function of the Beamish Twin hybrid keel

Christian Beamish is a surfer and shaper out of Santa Barbara, California. He's an accomplished waterman, known for riding waves at Mavericks and his epic, solo sailboat adventure through Baja tailed in the book Voyage of the Cormorant.

In this video Christian shares some of the history of twin fin design and how we got to present day. He discusses the influences that led him to this specific fin template, the Beamish Twin, and its performance goals.

The Beamish Twin


    HEIGHT:  5.21" / 132 mm 
    BASE:  6.27" / 159 mm
    AREA:  23.24”² / 149.94 cm²

Designed by Christian Beamish of Surfboards California, this twin set nicely fits into our catalog as one of our newer style hybrid-keel offerings. Not quite a twin, and not quite a keel - these fins provide some of the feelings and attributes found in both classic designs. A fuller profile than an 80's style upright twin, but with less overall area than a traditional keel you can expect the Beamish twins to provide smooth fluidity through turns and off the bottom. The gentle rake and the moderately sized profile will still allow for plenty of maneuverability and responsiveness, but won't sacrifice drive and power.

  • Hybrid-keel fin design: moderately sized with a gentle amount of rake
  • 80/20 foils, 5.5* Angle
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw sanded finish
  • Futures compatible

Hybrid Keel Collection

Not quite a twin, not quite a keel

The emerging hybrid keel attempts to balance the key characteristics of a keel (bigger surface area, lower aspect) and an upright twin (tapered tip, higher aspect). The goal is to keep enough of the drive and hold of the keel while introducing the release and looseness of the upright twin. 

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