The Electric Acid Surfboard Test

Have ya ever just sat down, sifting deep into the cavern of the Marine Layer Productions archive to find yourself wondering if surfing’s most exciting player has ever stepped foot onto a fish? Or an asymmetrical? A twin fin?

Stab Magazine has asked and answered the questions above with the release of their new short film, “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test”. Starring Dane Reynolds, a Mexican sand point and 10 experimentally-sound surfboards that will surely satisfy any doubts you had that weird looking surfboards work. Stab has been on the road premiering the film in Huntington Beach, New York and Europe.

 We at True Ames’ are truly humbled to have had the opportunity to provide the fins for each of the surfboards presented in the film and are giddy with excitement to witness Dane take to the water and do his thing. Experimentation and innovation have always been key ingredients in True Ames’ mission and we can’t wait for the masses to see what is possible when you combine talent, good waves, alternative surfboards and might we say some Grade-A fins.

This Thursday, August 30th, there will be a special screening of the film at the Channel Islands Santa Barbara Store from 7-9 pm. The evening will also include food and beverages, a discussion about the film/boards with Dane and Britt Merrick, a chance to win the newly updated Neck Beard model from CI.