True Ames Thruster - Glass On (Solid Fiberglass)

True Ames Thruster - Glass On (Solid Fiberglass)

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( 3 Fin Set ) Glass On: The True Ames Thruster - design inspiration and key elements include... taking everything we've learned about making glass on tri fins over the past 40+ years and rolling all of that into this design. The TA tri is another template from our in-house collection and is our version of the tried and true thruster design that was first popularized in the early 80's and has continually evolved since.

These 3 fins are all the same size and feature a solid all-around profile made for all-purpose high performance surfing. Built for speed, increased drive, fluid turns, and attacking the wave with precision & control. 

  • Medium body & medium rake
  • Features precision foils with calculated area distribution for maximum performance
  • Raw finish - these fins are glass on ready

HEIGHT: 4.58" / 116 mm 
BASE: 4.53" / 115 mm
AREA: 15.56"²/100.4 cm²


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