Hobie Fish - Glass On (Solid Fiberglass)

Hobie Fish - Glass On (Solid Fiberglass)

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( Twin-Fin Set ) Glass on: One Side Flat Foil: This early ‘70s era design is our most popular keel fin set, and has become an industry standard for pairing with fish surfboards – though it also works great with alternative wider-tailed surf craft, too. Designed alongside the folks at Hobie Surfboards, this set is a true classic that pays homage to the early days of San Diego-style twin fins. 

The Hobie Fish template is a favorite among many of the surfers and shapers we work with because of the timeless curves and inherent fluidity it provides. Its wide base and large sweeping profile are ideal for down-the-line surfing and free-form style that come with riding a fish. If you’re looking for drive off the bottom, smooth drawn-out turns, and the effortless ability to connect all the dots - then look no further than the Hobie Fish set.

Height: 5.25" / 133 mm 
Base: 7.25" / 185 mm
Area: 26.16"² /  168.77 cm²

  • Iconic keel fin design: full profile, swept-rake, flat inside foil
  • Meant to pair with fish boards and bigger, wider-tailed boards
  • Solid fiberglass construction
  • Glass on ready - raw finish

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