Greenough Power Glide 45
Greenough Power Glide 45

Greenough Power Glide 45

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We proudly present the Power Glide 45, the newest design in our continually evolving Greenough collection. This design builds upon many of the same elements found in its predecessor, the Power Blade, yet it has been further refined into a more approachable and user-friendly fin that is ready for a wider range of applications and continued experimentation.

In close collaboration with George Greenough, we modified the outline of the Power Blade into what is now the Power Glide 45, which incorporates more rake, more area, more flex, and softer curves. The ‘45’ in the name of this design refers to the rake which appears as if it is approaching a 45° angle (the actual rake is 32°, which is 9° more than its predecessor). The additional rake in this fin allows for a more generous turning radius as well as a touch more forgiveness overall. Suitably named the 'Power Glide', this fin will hold its line through larger and smoother arcing turns. In addition to the added rake, this fin also has more overall area than the Power Blade, which will feel a bit more steady and reliable under your feet. Lastly, the Power Glide 45 has a greater amount of flex, resulting in a more responsive and adaptable performance.

Despite its modifications, the Power Glide 45 remains rooted in the same lineage as the Power Blade; as such, it shares many fundamental similarities. One such core element in its design is that it requires the stiffness and performance integrity of an extremely strong ‘leg’ in order to support the enormous load on the ‘head’. Another key factor in its design is the ability of the ‘head’ to twist, as opposed to only flex, like most all other fins. This produces 'variable-tow,' an attribute which allows the fin to twist back and forth and in turn create propulsion based on the angle and direction of attack. Lastly, meticulous material selection has resulted in a unique lay-up combination of high-density epoxy and fiberglass materials that have met the strength requirements, without suffering fatigue and breaking down the fibers. Like the Power Blade, the careful construction of the Power Glide 45 meets three distinct and rigorous demands: stiffness where needed, particular flex characteristics, and the ability to twist. 

A direct descendant of continued testing and design revisions, the Power Glide 45 is not meant to replace the Power Blade. It was simply created to serve a larger audience and a wider range of board designs through its additional rake, added area, and increased flex. We are stoked to continue to push the boundaries and capabilities of single fin designs alongside Greenough and his continual pursuit to find the perfect blend of minimal drag and increased speed together with hyper-sensitive response and maneuverability. 

  • Designed for boards in the mid-sized range
  • Like its predecessor, the Power Blade, it was crafted to rival the high-performance characteristics of the thruster, while preserving the fluidity and style of a classic single fin
  • Relative to the Power Blade, its additional rake, added area, and increased flex make it a bit more adaptable to a larger audience and a wider range of applications
  • Proprietary in-house construction made using a blend of heat-treated and bonded high-strength materials

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