Smith / Parrish Full Base

Smith / Parrish Full Base

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The Smith / Parrish Full Base is a refined take on a classic ‘70s era single fin, but a bit more modernized. Subtle adjustments make this fin a bit more dynamic, allowing for enhanced turning ability, hold, and drive in bigger waves.

This fin’s roots trace back to the North Shore in the ‘70s, when Charlie Smith–one of Haleiwa’s finest surfers–developed his reputation while riding Lightning Bolt surfboards shaped by Tom Parrish. Unlike most of Parrish’s team riders, Smith spent as much time in the shaping bay as he did in the water. The Smith / Parrish partnership / duo began, and their collaborative dedication to the craft of surfboard building and design has left a monumental impact ever since.

Held in high regard amongst our collection, the Smith / Parrish Full Base is a bit more progressive in its area distribution than other more classic single fin designs of the day. It has a little extra rake and hook in the tip as well as a slightly narrower base, meaning it will give you more maneuverability without sacrificing the amount of hold. This fin is crafted to thrive in Hawaiian power–think big bottom turns and long, drawn out carves on a solid day at Sunset Beach.

  • Extended tip and rake mean more drive and smooth maneuverability on waves with power
  • Great as a single fin for ‘70s performance single fin boards, and exceptional as the anchor for a 2+1
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish

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