Wilderness Flex

Wilderness Flex

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The Wilderness Flex is a specialized design with a long-time, loyal following. It’s a relatively small fin with a moderate amount of area and a lot of rake–elements that were revolutionary in fin design at the time of their creation. Its swept tip together with slight flex create the drive needed to link long sections of waves, like those found at point breaks. 

With its roots in Santa Barbara, Wilderness Surfboards came about in 1966 and produced shapes that charted the course into the forefront of the shortboard revolution. Owner Bob Duncan, designed the Wilderness Flex to be the perfect complement to stubby-style designs and fun shapes, in either a single fin setup or in combination with side bites.

This fin is a classic Wilderness template that’s been in the True Ames archives for decades, and for good reason. With this fin you’ll be able to generate speed to make the sections and then do long, drawn-out turns to boot. You’ll be stoked to have this one in the quiver when you see real surf! 

  • Moderate area with pronounced rake–this fin creates drive 
  • Designed to pair with stubbies and fun shapes, and to be used as a small single fin or in a 2+1 setup
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish

How to Choose the Right Fin

Whether you're new to exploring the benefits of experimenting with new fins, or you're a seasoned veteran... our fin guide will breakdown the basics as well as some the more complicated aspects of fin design to help ensure that you find the right setup for your board.

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