Greenough Stage-6

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The Stage-6 originally had its roots in George Greenough’s windsurf designs, but we should all be glad he advocated for its superb potential in the surf realm as well. For this design and many others, the surfing world is forever indebted to George for his wave-riding performance innovations that began the ‘60s.

The name of the game with this fin is speed. Initially designed to ride in windsurfing boards, the Stage-6’s “stiff leg” helps cut through kelp and the textured surface of the water, while its “active paddle” (sometimes called the paddle fin) helps the board to stay rooted–which was especially important when heeling way over at high-speeds. Greenough redefined the possibilities of single fin performance with the Stage-6 as it shares the same surface area as other fins, but with uniquely dispersed placement. 

By putting more surface area deeper in the “clean” water, the feeling is solid yet highly maneuverable. Marry this notion with the art of wave riding, and this design provides superb stability with incredible hold through full rail carves. The large size Stage 6’s are one of the only fins that we’ve ever claimed to be able to nose ride as well as it turns. Surprising as it may look, this fin has a lot of drive and versatility! 

  • Surprisingly versatile! “Stiff leg” speeds through the water, while the “active paddle” provides stability and flex
  • The larger sizes are great for single fin longboards and noseride really well, while the smaller and medium sizes pair really well with mid-lengths and 2+1’s
  • This fin surfs a bit smaller than conventional fin sizes. Therefore, we recommend going with a size up relative to your go-to fin size. For example, if you’d normally ride a 9”, we’d suggest going with the 9.75”
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish

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