Lovelace v.Bowls (Volan)

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Slightly stiffer than your average flex fin and with a bit of additional rake, Ryan Lovelace designed the v.Bowls as his ultimate mid-length companion.

Based down the street from us in Santa Barbara, Ryan is one of the most accomplished current production hand-shapers in the world. He has taken over the alternative surfboard scene with his ability to integrate designs from the past with a fresh modern outlook to create his own niche. The v.Bowls fin derives its name from Ryan’s favorite board, featuring a distinct three-dimensional design with a refined foil extending to the edges in every direction. However, the possibilities for this fin extend far beyond the particular board shape! 

What you'll find in this fin is positivity—great drive down the line and taut release out of your bottom turns when surfed with a heavy foot. Pair the v.Bowls with your favorite mid-length, and enjoy everything from trimming, refined micro-adjustments in the pocket, and long and drawn-out turns.

Our Volan fins are fine-tuned with precision foils as well as proper flex. Crafted with a labor of love at our factory in Santa Barbara, CA, these fins undergo the strictest quality control. Our Volan panels are meticulously hand-laid and templated ensuring optimal weave orientation and superior strength, with flex coming more from the body rather than just the tip. This enhances speed and projection off the bottom and through turns, making our Volan fins a pinnacle of the highest performance flex characteristics.

  • Medium body with medium rake and stiff flex
  • The ultimate mid-length companion
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw finish

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