Yater Classic

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Master craftsman and pioneer of the shaping industry, Renny Yater, designed this fin to accompany his high-performance single fin known as ‘The Pocket Rocket’, a classic pintail of the early ‘70s era. Its upright profile, combined with a full foil and minimal flex, make it a performance-driven and trustworthy fin.

There are many revered board builders that reside in our hometown of Santa Barbara but only a few have made as strong an impact on design as Yater. An early apprentice to legendary shapers Hobie Alter and Dale Velzy in Laguna Beach, Yater brought his passion for shaping, surfing, and lobster fishing with him to Santa Barbara in 1959, where he has continued to refine his craft ever since. 

The Yater Classic has stood the test of time and become quite versatile, performing well both in a wide spectrum of equipment and in all types of waves. This fin's relative stiffness provides power, drive, and stability–making this fin a great option when the surf is bigger.

  • Performs well in a wide spectrum of equipment including retro single fins, longboards that have a pulled-in tail, mid-lengths, and 2+1’s
  • The larger sizes work great as single fins, while the smaller sizes pair well with 3.7” side bites 
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish 

How to Choose the Right Fin

Whether you're new to exploring the benefits of experimenting with new fins, or you're a seasoned veteran... our fin guide will breakdown the basics as well as some the more complicated aspects of fin design to help ensure that you find the right setup for your board.

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