Timmy Patterson Quad - Futures Compatible (Hexcore)
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Timmy Patterson Quad - Futures Compatible (Hexcore)

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( 4 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible: These fins have been thoroughly tested and are best suited for the all around quad shortboard. The back fins have 80/20 foil. A very well balanced quad set with all around performance capability. You’ll notice a huge difference in your turns and cutbacks with the right set of quad fins that don't feel like they're only capable of tracking down the line. Get ready to go faster than ever with this setup.

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.35" / 111 mm  
BASE: 4.30" / 109 mm
AREA: 14.78"² /  95.35 cm²

( Back Fins )
HEIGHT: 3.95" / 100 mm  
BASE: 3.85" / 98 mm
AREA: 11.73"² /  75.67 cm²

How to Choose the Right Fin

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