Fin Setups

There are lots of options when it comes to fin setups — single fins, twin fins, tri fins, quads... and the list goes on. A basic understanding of the performance characteristics of established fin setups will go a long way in choosing fins that are right for you.

The single fin is the original fin setup, and its characteristic tendency for smooth lines and free-flowing maneuvers permanently reserve its place in the lineup.

2+1 SETUP:
As an elaboration on a single fin, a 2 + 1 retains the smooth feel, but with added drive and hold.

With a searing blend of smooth speed and maneuverability, twin fins deliver a unique set of enviable performance characteristics.

The tri-fin, or thruster, has been the standard in high performance surfing for the past 25 years due to its ultimate blend of control and maneuverability.

Quads provide a desirable combination of speed, drive, and hold that leans towards lively maneuvers while maintaining “down the line” speed.

The bonzer is a lesser-known, but supremely viable option for high-performance power surfing.

True Ames specialty fins such as trailers, side bites, small box fins, and asymmetrical sets allow more eccentric fin configuration ideas to become a reality.

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