Beamish Storm Rider
Beamish Storm Rider
Beamish Storm Rider

Beamish Storm Rider

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The Storm Rider from Christian Beamish of Surfboards California is the newest offering from our friend down the road here in the Santa Barbara area. After much trial and error in finding a fin to compliment the progressive single fins that he is designing, Christian teamed up with True Ames to create the ideal template and foil for performance single fin surfing.  

The Storm Rider's upright design enables you to go places on the wave a single fin typically cannot reach.  With influences from Brewer, Parrish, and Yater, CB put his own design elements into the Storm Rider to create a single fin for the here and now.  

The upright design and medium base allow the fin to make effortless directional changes without feeling like the fin is getting in the way.  While the full foil and the perfect amount of surface area provide ample drive off the bottom, this fin will also keep the board loose and responsive in the pocket. 

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