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Channel Islands Tri Small - Futures Compatible (Hexcore)

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( 3 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible: High rake with full volume (area). Best in waves with some down-the-line power. Most notable is the smaller back fin loosening up the tail of your board. These Futures Fins Compatible are made of ultra light hexcore, for amazing drive and perfect flex.

( Side Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.50" / 114 mm  
BASE: 4.45" / 113 mm
AREA: 15.09"² /  97.35 cm²

( Back Fin )
HEIGHT: 4.35" / 111 mm  
BASE: 4.30" / 110 mm
AREA: 13.99"² /  90.25 cm²

How to Choose the Right Fin

Whether you're new to exploring the benefits of experimenting with new fins, or you're a seasoned veteran... our fin guide will breakdown the basics as well as some the more complicated aspects of fin design to help ensure that you find the right setup for your board.