Mandala Twinzer - FCS Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

Mandala Twinzer - FCS Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

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Designed by Manny Caro of Mandala Surfboards, this twinzer fin setup has been a part of his go-to arsenal for quite some time. Manny's pursuit and interest in the twinzer design has been alive for a while - which has positioned him ahead of his time as the rest of surf world currently seems to be catching on to the twinzer craze. As an understudy of Wil Jobson (the master and guru of the twinzer design), Manny worked hard to refine what is now his staple twinzer offering that provides balance, synergy, power, and release. The desired function and feeling of a proper twinzer will provide the feeling and freedom of a twin, turn like a thruster, and won't feel too tracky or sticky like a quad might sometimes. The front canard fins will break the water tension allowing more aggressive angles of attach, sharper turns, and more fluidity. 

  • Pairs well with a wide variety of twinzer board designs - performance shortboards, fish shapes of all sizes, mid-lengths, and longboards
  • Both the front and rear FCS fins have no angle built in, and should be appropriately paired with plugs setup for a twinzer design
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 2.85” / 72 mm   
BASE: 2.94” / 75 mm
AREA: 6.07”² / 39.16 cm²

( Back Fins ) 
HEIGHT: 4.94” / 125 mm   
BASE: 4.83” / 123 mm
AREA: 16.79”² / 108.32 cm²



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