John Simon Quad Type II - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)
John Simon Quad Type II - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

John Simon Quad Type II - Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

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This quad set was designed by our buddy John Simon down the road in Ventura, CA. John is youthful in terms of his spirit and also years under his belt, but what he lacks in age he makes up for in passion and the dedicated pursuit of ideation, design, and craftsmanship. As a budding, yet extremely talented shaper, we felt that John has already been down an interesting road of design-exploration through which he's landed on unique concepts built around functionality and purpose but also creativity and expression. We're stoked to be able to bring some of John's quad fin concepts to life, and we think that you'll be able to benefit from some of his out-of-the-box thinking.

With his Type II design in mind, John was in search of creating a set of fins that could tighten up the turning radius without losing any drive, hold or wave face grip. Through narrowing the base, turning the profile of the fins a bit more upright, and then adding the extended mini hatchet tips - John was able to retain the same amount of area within a more standard style quad, but then was able to redistribute it in order to create a whole new performance based profile. The result is a quad set that still retains plenty of projection and drive, yet allows for tighter turns in the pocket in a variety of conditions including solid surf. 

A great option for a new feeling on your favorite quad!


HEIGHT: 4.57" / 116 mm   
BASE: 4.05" / 103 mm
AREA: 14.69”² / 94.77 cm²


HEIGHT: 3.86" / 98 mm   
BASE: 3.36" / 86 mm
AREA: 10.39”² / 67.03 cm²


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