Tappy 1 (Volan)
Tappy 1 (Volan)

Tappy 1 (Volan)

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The Tappy 1 is Tappy Yoshikawa’s masterful interpretation of a classic pivot fin design.  The upright nature of this design allows for quick directional changes when your foot is over the fin area, and hold in the face of the wave when you move to the nose.  The medium base and full tip area of this fin combine to create a multi dimensional fin that is sure to enhance any log you throw it in.  

Takuya "Tappy" Yoshikawa is a passionate and innovative Japanese surfboard shaper who combines tradition and modernity to create unique and quality products. He started surfing at the age of 12 and shaped his first board at the age of 17. Along the way, he went to art school to study graphic art. After a ten-year break, he returned to making boards at the age of 30 and continues to do so today. Tappy Yoshikawa was influenced by San Diego shaping legend Skip Frye, whom he had the opportunity to watch work, which was a valuable experience for him.

Our Volan fins are fine-tuned with precision foils as well as proper flex. Crafted with a labor of love at our factory in Santa Barbara, CA, these fins undergo the strictest quality control. Our Volan panels are meticulously hand-laid and templated ensuring optimal weave orientation and superior strength, with flex coming more from the body rather than just the tip. This enhances speed and projection off the bottom and through turns, making our Volan fins a pinnacle of the highest performance flex characteristics.

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