TA Twinzer - FCS / Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)
TA Twinzer - FCS / Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

TA Twinzer - FCS / Futures Compatible (Solid Fiberglass)

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Part of our in-house designed collection, the True Ames Twinzer was born after a few different rounds of template design and R&D. Through utilizing more than four decades of fin making expertise, we feel we've landed on this super solid & all-around Twinzer offering. There is an awesome balance and synergy that exists between these front canard fins and the rear twin design which allows them to perform and function in tandem at the highest level. 

The smaller canard fins that are meant to be seated slightly forward and outside of the twins which will break the water tension and provide increased lift and speed. As a unit, these fins will provide that magic mix of plentiful hold and drive, but they will also maintain some of the freedom that comes from a twin. From the TA Twinzers you could expect fast and fluid down-the-line flow, acceleration through turns, and a combination of a loose / yet drivey feeling. 

  • Pairs well with a wide variety of Twinzer board designs - performance shortboards, fish shapes of all sizes, mid-lengths, and longboards
  • Front FCS Canards have no angle and should be paired with appropriate FCS plugs that do have angle built in
  • Rear Futures base fins are 6.5* with a flat inside foil
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish
(Front - Canards)

HEIGHT: 3.24" / 82 mm   
BASE: 2.97" / 75 mm
AREA: 7.77”² / 50.13 cm²

(Rear - Twin)

HEIGHT: 5.20" / 132 mm   
BASE: 5.00" / 127 mm
AREA: 19.32”² / 124.64 cm²


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